Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall is full of Fun!!!

We got to go to Lagoon with Greg, Lexie, Gracie and Kole.  My kids had a blast.  Unfortunately this is also the day that Halle started in with her symptoms of the Swine Flu.  By the time we left Lagoon she had a fever and wanted to just lay around.  Thank goodness for Motrin and Tylenol for the ride home. This is a picture of the kids on the Merry go Round.  They all were in the spinning seat except Kole and he didn't want to get off of his Zebra.

We had a really fun Halloween this year.  The kids went to several fun parties this year.  They went to one at The Evan's house where they had fun with all of the neighborhood and then on Halloween morning they went to their Aunt Dianes and Uncle Bretts and had a fun party with all of their cousins.  It is always fun to be included in things Thank You guys.  We love you!! We then went to the church for the ward trunk or treat and then went trick or treating throughout then neighborhood.  It was fun to see the reaction from people about Dylan's costume.  There were several who even asked where he was as he was standing there.  They didn't know it was him.  This year Braden wanted to be Alfalfa which you can't tell from this picture because you can't see his hair standing up but that is what he was. 

Halle was also baptized this month.  This was a special day for her.  She has been looking forward to this for awhile.  We had so much  family that came in for her baptism. Thank you all for coming to her baptism.  You all made it special for her. Thank you for all of the help on her dinner.  Family is the best!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Goodbye Summer! Hello Fall!

What a Summer!
This summer has been such a whirlwind. From broken arms to baseball and all of the hunting to go with. This has been one of the best summers with our family. We have made such great memories that will last us a lifetime. Here is a quick update.
Dylan and three of his teammates won an acurracy competition in California. It was pretty neat to see this little team from Vernal Utah go and win this competition against all of the amazing teams from California. This was a pretty cool moment for Dylan and David this summer.
The picture above is the kids at the beach in California. The kids and I had never seen the ocean so we took a day after the baseball tournament to go to the ocean. We went to Pismo Beach which was a nice beach.

Carston loved basking in the sun. Halle buried him from the waist down and he absolutely loved it. I couldn't resist taking this picture.

Halle loved the beach also. She loved digging holes and looking for seashells. She thought it was fun to write things in the sand. She liked the beach a whole lot more than she liked the water. Braden and Dylan could not get enough of the ocean. They loved every minute they spent at the ocean. Even the jelly fish stings on the belly. The beach was pretty cool. You could actually walk out quite far before it started getting deep at all. We actually saw dolphins out jumping in the ocean.
Halle also had her Very special birthday this year. She turned 8 on the 8th of August. Not only that but she gets to be baptized. She is getting baptized on the 10th of October. We are excited for her. She has such a sweet spirit.

The kids were excited for their 1st day of school. Especially Carston. He drove me crazy waiting for his first day. He had to wait a week before kindergarten started and it about drove him nuts. The kids are having a good year so far.
To top of the summer. Braden drew out for the youth elk hunt this year. He went hunting with his Unlce Greg and Uncle Eric the first day and saw a few elk but they were to far away. The next couple of days he went with Shawn O'bagey and they found this elk. Braden was pretty stoked to actually kill a 6 point elk on his first ever elk hunt. He has had fun rubbing it in to his dad since David has only dreamed about getting one this big. It has been a fun and memorable summer. One we will never forget!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


9 Year Old Vernal All Star State Champions!

Dylan and David's team won the state championship in Richfield. We are now in the process off raising enough money for the team to go to the next tournament. It is in Fowler California. That tournament starts July 31st. Wish us luck!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009



Braden has added a few accessories.
In May Braden had braces put on his teeth.
It is amazing to me how the teeth straighten
so fast. He has a pretty smile inspite of the metal.
Also in June he decided to end his baseball season
early. He decided to fracture his arm. At first it
looked like it was going to be a pretty basic fracture.
A long cast for 2 weeks then a short cast for 3 weeks.
Of course his arm has other plans. His bone keeps
shifting and in order to fix it the Dr. would have to
pin it through the growth plates and he wants to avoid
that if all possible. That explains the weird shape to the
cast. He has casted him this way to hold the bone where
it needs to be. Not sure if this will work or not. This type
of casting can cause pressure sores and it looks like
Braden may be getting one. If that is the case he will be
getting the pins in his arm anyway. Wish us luck.
UPDATE!!! Braden just got back from the Dr. office and his arm is looking good so far!

Braden also shot his first turkey this year. He also
became a teenager. Yes I said a teenager!!! He
turned thirteen on June 1st.


Dylan also has had a season of baseball. He finished
up his traveling team season just in time to start his
all star season. The best part of this is that his dad
gets to be his coach. Dylan has had an awesome year.
He has bacame a very good pitcher and an even better
hitter. He hit his first over the fence home run this year.

Dylan also had a birthday. He turned 10 on July 7th.
Of course we had to wait until his baseball game was
over that night to have cake and open presents.
What a better way to spend your birthday than doing
what you love.


Halle competed in Jazz this year.
She was so fun to watch. I was so
impressed when she got up in front
of all of the spectators in Lagoon and
didn't let it faze her. She won queen with her
solo. She also won most improved dancer at
the Powerhouse. It was her first year to dance
Jazz and they thought she did well. I think her
favorite part was the crown.

This is Halle in her Easter dress. Halle was also invited to
dance the parade route with the Powerhouse . She was the youngest one
to dance. I was worried that she may not be able to keep it up the whole
parade route but she did. She was the youngest one but she held her own.


Carston graduated from preschool in May.
He had the best year. He is all ready to
start kindergarten in the fall.

Carston also had a birthday. He turned 6 on June 3rd.
I can't believe that my baby is 6. He had a fun day. We had
a friend party that morning at the park and then had his
family party that night. One of his favorite gifts was the
Magic Trick set from Uncle Brett, Aunt Diane and Jaxson.
This was him pulling a rabbit from his hat.

Carston also started his
first year in baseball.
He started T-ball. He was on
the Dodgers. He was one of the best
hitters and he was pretty good at fielding
the ball. He was lucky enough to get his
dad as a coach too.

This summer has been an adventure already and we still have half of it left. We have had fun with baseball and dance. We also have had a good time with the cousins. We have gone camping and to the play 7 Brides for 7 brothers with them. We also had a fun 4th of July. The usual parade and then the fun time at Uncle Wades house. Next week we travel to Richfield to start Dylans All star tournament. I guess you can say the fun is just beginning!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life is Fun!! Isn't this what it is all about.

Carston got his first opportunity for sports. He was actually quite good with soccer as long as his mind could stay on the game and not on other stuff. He could control the ball pretty well and he scored quite a few goals this season.

He especially liked getting the medal at the end of the season. He had to take it to show and tell the next day at preschool.

Dylan also played indoor soccer. Futsal is what they call it when they are older. This was really fun to watch. It seems the older the kids get the more fun it is to watch the sport because they get better and know more of the rules. Dylan could definately do well in this sport. The only thing is that he loves baseball even more and this sport runs at the same time. Dylan also made alot of goals for his team. One game he made 5 out of the 6 goals scored.

Braden got to enter a project into the science fair. He did it on the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses. He got an honorable mention on his project. He had alot of fun doing the project. He got to put out a few fires and play with the different extinguishers there are.

And then there is "Our little dancer." She did so good at her ballet. She is a very talented little dancer. I loved her costume this year. Halle danced in a dream sequence of cinderella. She was in a dance class scene. I cannot wait to see her compete in jazz for the 1st time this month. This will be her first ever competition. She is just as good at jazz as she is at ballet. She loves to dance and that makes even more fun to watch. Wish her luck on April 24th and 25th.

Monday, March 30, 2009


We can hardly wait for spring. We don't know about you but our family is starting to get busy. Halle has her Cinderella Ballet this weekend. The boys are starting there "spring training" of baseball even though they have been practicing all winter long. They just got picked for their season teams. Braden will be a Devil Ray this year and Dylan will be a Diamondback. Halle has been practicing for the last three months on her jazz solo that she will perform at her very first competition in Taylorsville on April 24th. Then again at Lagoon in May. Carston has just finished up his season of Indoor soccer. He was a very good forward and only liked that position for awhile until he was told that he could try to score a goal from the defender position and that became a fun thought for him. We have had a busy few months and it doesn't sound like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Oh well the kids are worth it. I wouldn't know what to do with all of my time if I didn't have them to keep me busy.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Saturday January 31, 2009

Dylan raced in his second Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and brought home the Gold.

This was his second year in a row to take 1st. We had alot of fun and all of the boys were good sports. I was impressed with all of their attitudes. I am sure glad that it was my scout that won though. David and Dylan had fun designing and building the car. It was a good day!